Inspire LCMS®

Learning Content Management System

Inspire LCMS® is a fully hosted, cloud-based system that helps you create, deliver and manage all your organization’s training needs. Inspire LCMS® is more than a simple LMS, it also contains the ability for non-programmers to easily assemble new training modules from your content. That’s where the “C” in L _ MS comes from. Training that can then be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Inspire is perfect for small to medium companies and government organizations operating in today’s “new normal” of dispersed working environments. Large companies that want a lean, simple e-learning solution for a division or department can also benefit from Inspire and learner records can be integrated into other corporate systems.

Designed for new and growing organizations

Inspire LCMS® is a licensed system that’s designed to be fully customized to meet your exact needs. Inspire will be branded with your organization’s look and feel to make it your own unique system. The benefits of choosing Inspire LCMS® as your learning management system include:

  • No “IT” Department needed – we fully support and host your system
  • We provide your administration staff with training and support, for as long as it’s needed
  • Non-programmers can assemble and release courses in Inspire in about 15 minutes
  • The user interface is fully accessible (Sect. 508/W3C)

It’s important to note that when you license the Inspire LMS system, you also have access to the Rivertown Communications team of instructional designers, UI experts, developers, graphic artists, programmers and video and audio production professionals. We can provide complete course development services, or provide any resources your team may need to create your own custom training.


Getting started is easy.

Our team is here to help develop the right training system for you. We’ll help with your custom branding, importing your first employees, and learning the system. Our technical staff will be available to help you get the most out of the Inspire LCMS® system.

1. Import Students

Start by adding students to your Inspire system. You can either register students one by one or import multiple students by uploading an Excel Spreadsheet. A “self-register” option is also available. We can help you select the right options for your organization.

2. Setup Courses

Import an existing e-learning course or create a new one using the "Content Objects" tool. With Content Objects you can bring existing documents, videos, PowerPoint presentations, .PDFs etc. into your Inspire system, and then organize them into complete courses. Mastery tests can be built in the system to assess your learner’s progress. It's fast and it’s easy.

3. Register Students

Assign training courses to the learners you entered in Step 1. Set up due dates and what is required for mastery. The Inspire system will then automatically send each learner a notice of the available training they need to complete.

4. Track and Run Reports

As your learners complete their required training assignments, a record of their progress is being built. Progress records can be accessed by authorized staff at any time. Critical training and compliance records are always up to date.


Learning Content Management System

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been around for several years and provide organizations who value training and trained employees many advantages.

Our Inspire LCMS® is a more recent development and offers organizations enhanced options over earlier LMS systems. Inspire brings several key benefits to you:

  • Our “Content Objects” tools is avaiable so non-programmers can quickly assemble and deliver online courses from your existing materials
  • It’s a cloud-based system so your team can collaborate on course development and management from anywhere at anytime
  • We provide full hosting – we take the place of your IT department
  • Integrated instructor-to-learner and learner-to-learner communications, so you can bring classroom-style discussions to your e-learning
  • Training and support – our live support staff will bring you up to speed quickly, and answer any questions you may have
  • And, we have an innovative pricing structure. With other systems you can pay $0.50, $1.00 or more per user/per month. Not so with Inspire!

We specialize in providing complete e-learning solutions to new and growing companies.

For more information, give us a call 651.430.0353 x1 or fill out a short form to request pricing. You can also contact us using the form below.

Other LCMS Benefits:

Organizes eLearning content in one location

Your e-learning courses and resources are organized and can be accessed from your LMS. Inspire is cloud-based and this permits all members of your development team to access, and work on, the same content no matter where they are located. This greatly speeds development, quality control and updating courses.

Provides unlimited access to e-Learning materials

When you upload your e-Learning course materials onto the Inspire LMS, your audience has unlimited access to the courses and the information they need. Your e-Learning is available to them wherever they are and whenever it is convenient to them. As today’s employee is often working from a home office, delivering e-learning through an LMS is more critical.

Tracks learner progress and performance

Tracking learner performance both motivates the learner to do better and helps you develop better courses. When learners know their progress is being monitored, they tend to pay greater attention to the content. Retention increases and test scores improve.

With the analysis tools built into most LMSs, it’s easy to tell if a certain question or section of the training is being misunderstood. This allows course developers to improve difficult areas of your courses and deliver better courses.

Updating training materials is fast & easy

Compliance laws, company policies and procedures change frequently. Changing (and distributing) your printed materials to reflect new laws and policies is time consuming and costly. With an LMS, these changes take minutes and the updated materials are available immediately to your learners. Everyone is on the same page.

Links to social media experiences

As your LMS is already online, you can easily link to other resources such as YouTube videos, LinkedIn groups, blogs and so on to expand your training universe. Inspire LCMS® also includes the ability to add peer-to-peer collaboration to your e-learning courses.

Reduces Learning and Development costs

A Learning Management System gives you the power to do away with instructor and learner travel costs, training site rentals, and printed e-learning materials. Your online learners can carry out all of their training online, which means your Learning and Development budget will go further. No more printing out 500 manuals or booking hotel rooms for your instructors.


Who We Are

Inspire LCMS® was created by Rivertown Communications, Inc. in 2005 to provide an integrated e-learning creation & delivery system for small to medium-sized companies.

Rivertown was founded with a mission to develop quality video and e-learning based training programs and Inspire is part of this mission. We are located in Stillwater, Minnesota (near St. Paul), and have been serving clients locally and worldwide since 1991. Our customers range in size from global corporations to small, single-office organizations to State and Federal government agencies. Whatever your training needs are – Rivertown can help.

In 2005 we built and released the first version of Inspire LCMS®. Our goal was to build a system that is simple to use, not require your IT Department to support it, customizable for your brand, and powerful enough to meet your needs.

Optional services we can provide to help you develop an awesome e-Learning system include:

  • Custom e-Learning development
  • Instructional design services
  • Professional narration
  • Multi-lingual translations and narration
  • Technical support for learners
  • Video production
  • Photos and graphic design
  • Accessibility (Sect. 508/ADA) compliance

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Case Studies


Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families have been using our Inspire LCMS® system since 2012. They are currently training over 65,000 employees and associates with a catalog of 170 courses. To replace classroom training we converted a 30 hour instructor led course to a 10 part, online class. By using Inspire’s Online Discussion tool we were able to approximate classroom communications (interfaces with MERIT system).


Stearns County MN

The Stearns County (MN) Environmental Services Department is using Inspire to deliver Rivertown-developed Food Safety training to over 440 establishments in central Minnesota. There are 25 courses on topics such as Catering, Menu Reviews & Risks and Hazardous Foods. Stearns County Inspectors credit the training with reducing violations by over 90% the last 3 years.

Sachs Electric

Sachs Electric in St. Louis, MO is one of the nation’s largest electrical sub-contractors with divisions specializing in Electrical Contracting, Technologies & Systems, Civil Construction, and Automation. Sachs selected Inspire LCMS®, populated with custom e-learning courses developed by Rivertown Communications to train all field and office employees.


Features and Pricing

Inspire LCMS® was designed to be an affordable alternative to the majority of the LMS systems that charge $1.00, $4.00 or even $6.00 per month per user. We’ve developed a new pricing model that is based on actual usage, and not the number of users in your system. Inspire LCMS® is most economical for organizations with over 500 learners. Inspire LCMS® is fully customizable.

In 2019 we released a second version of Inspire. Inspire “Open Edition” is designed for organizations with a smaller number of users and who do not need significant system customization. To determine which version is best for you, give us a call 651.430.0353 x1 or fill out a short form to request pricing.


Contact Us

Rivertown Communications is located in Stillwater, Minnesota and serves clients world-wide. For more information on how an Inspire LCMS system can benefit your organization call 651.430.0353 ext. 1 or submit the form below.