starWhat is Inspire LCMS?

Inspire LCMS® is a training creation and management system that helps you create and manage your organizations e-learning, classroom instruction and self study courses. It was developed by Rivertown Communications and is one of the most cost-effective approaches to integrated e-learning available today. 

Inspire LCMS® is perfect for small to medium companies and government organizations. Large companies that want a lean, simple e-learning solution for a division or department can also benefit from Inspire®. Importing SCORM compliant e-learning and other training content to Inspire LCMS is easily done. Courses are delivered from Inspire to your audience via the Internet. Learners’ progress is automatically tracked and content completion and test results can be printed.

  • Each user has a unique log on and system registration. 
  • Real-time training results can be tracked online by authorized personnel. 
  • Screens are custom branded with your company’s look and feel.  Graphic and video content can be captioned to meet (section 508) accessibility requirements. 
  • The Inspire LCMS® Learning Management system records learner progress and provides reports and outcomes tracking.
  • Programs and groups of courses can be developed and assigned for completion by students. 

starBenefits of a LCMS

Most organizations realize the benefits of providing at least some of their training as e-learning, but the rationale for using a “Learning Management System” (LMS) may not be as clear. A good LMS can significantly increase the effectiveness of your training program. Students do better when they know they will be tested, their progress tracked and that their manager will view their learning progress. This means that the e-learning or other training methods become more effective. An added benefit is that a good LMS can also organize and manage classroom and self-study training too, so that all your training records will be maintained in one place. Management progress reports can be printed that include a student’s progress on all forms of training.

Other benefits of an LMS include:

  • Help managers organize and deliver training more effectively
  • Meet essential regulatory requirements
  • Make employees accountable for completing training
  • Connect knowledge and competencies to your organizations objectives
  • Provide students a place to store continuing education and certification records

If your organization is providing training to over 50 employees it makes sense to invest in an LMS! Learn more information about Evaluating Training Effectiveness.

starOur Services

Included with your Inspire LCMS® license:

  • The LodeStar™ authoring system
  • Complete LCMS setup for your organization including custom branding and installation of your system on our secure servers
  • Training on Inspire LCMS® operation for your administrative staff
  • Ongoing phone and e-mail support for your administrative staff

Optional services we can provide to help you develop courses and support your users include:

  • Technical support for your learners
  • Custom course development
  • Instructional Design services
  • Professional narration
  • Video production
  • Photos and graphics

For more information contact:
Robb Jacobs
651-430-0353 ext 1


Inspire is a cloud-based system so it's not an additional burden on your IT department. In fact, once your system is set up all you need to do is provide your learners a link to your custom system. They will be able to access their training from anywhere they have Internet access.

LodeStar™ Authoring Tool - For a limited time each Inspire license will include a copy of LodeStar at no cost. LodeStar™ is online authoring tool that helps non-programmers create engaging and effective online courses for use in your Inspire system.

Inspire is a licensed system with an economical pricing plan. Ours is a different pricing methodology than other systems that charge $12 (or more) per student. Full system support for Inspire and your administrative staff is included in the yearly license fee.

If you are currently providing training for your employees but scheduling their courses and tracking the progress and results manually, call us. We’ll show you how easy and effective training management can be with Inspire LCMS®.

Learn more how Inspire LCMS® can help with your training needs.